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is a developer of mobile ship-based seawater desalination solutions.  We address one of the most important problems facing mankind - the global water crisis.  Waterships are built by converting large, used tankers into platforms designed for the long-term production of water.  Our products utilize fully proven technology in every aspect of their construction and operation.   We provide total customer solutions based on supplying water-as-a service.

Waterships are large-scale, floating seawater desalination plants based on converted used oil tankers that are moored at sea just over the horizon.  The vessels produce large volumes of fresh water (50 MGD+) that is sent via a subsea pipeline from the ship to the client’s onshore infrastructure.  Waterships offer many advantages over traditional land-based desalination plants including faster delivery and mobility.  In particular, our mobility allows us to solve aspects of the global water crisis that land-based desalination plants cannot address.  

  • Mobility solves water crisis issues not addressed by land-based desal plants

  • Faster time to delivery

  • Flexible take-or-pay contract durations

  • Lower impact on near-shore environment and marine life


Media and Investor Inquiries thomas.estes@watershipblue.com